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living life trans-culturally

Welcome to I AM RED REV, a site that explores the life and reconciliation ministry of Adam "A.T.". Thomason with Jesus' brand of love as its foundation.

I AM RED REV is the platform of Adam "A.T." Thomason (note Adam and his wife Dawntoya minister together for marriage and relationship teachings). A.T. has spoken in over 15 countries conveying the peace of Jesus. The countries of ministry include Sudan, Kenya, South Africa, China, Greece, and Palestine to name a few. Native of Detroit, Michigan, A.T. has made it through adverse circumstances, be it violence, broken homes, racial discrimination and more. A.T. has over seventeen years of experience as it pertains to preaching and teaching the peace of Jesus in ethnically divided countries, cultures, sub-cultures and relationships. Bringing in A.T. is more than booking a speaker; you are bringing in a glimpse of God's heart to the soul of each who is present, with the hope of healing and peace.


Doctoral of Education student––focus in race relations, the slave-trade, and reconciliation (Ed.D) 

Masters in Biblical studies (DTS 2006)

B.F.A. from Savannah College of Arts and Design (Fashion design focused degree)

New Book Confessions of an ex-evangelical: Why I left Christianity and started practicing Jesus is out now.

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Author of Red Revolution (a study on race relations and what Jesus would say)

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Countries reached

Nepal (2017)

Thailand (2017)

Qatar (2015)

Iraq (2015)

Nicaragua (2013)

Turkey (2011)

Sudan x2 (2009-10)

South Africa x2 (2009, 2017)

Sudan x2 (2009-10)

China (2008)

Greece (2004)

Kenya (2004)

Palestine (2000)

West Bank–Gaza strip (2000)

Diverse experiences of note

Played basketball and lived in Palestine. (volunteered inside the Palestinian refugee camp)

JH Ranch river guide

Mountain hiker (summited Mount Shasta)

Model and fashion designer

Record label owner (Collision Records)

Brander and Graphic designer

Semi-professional basketball player

Has held a pastoral position for 17 years 

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