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living life trans-culturally

Welcome to I AM RED REV, a site that explores the life and reconciliation ministry of Adam "A.T.". Thomason with Jesus' brand of love as its foundation.

(above video was produced by Red Rev Ministries in partnership with The Justice Conference, Dre Murray, and Online Revolution.)

Earlier this year I was approached by the Justice Conference to consider being the face and director of the movement stateside (vision here). I delayed taking the position due to lack of funding and timing.

In light of recent times of tensions, that are an outworking of our unrepentant and lack or tangible restorative past, I believe God has raised me up for such a time as this to bring supernatural clarity. I believe God wants me to communicate a historic and present framework of justice, legacy, Jesus, awaking from the American Christianity delusion, and the need to move in solidarity toward repair.

In order to lead out in this work the Executive Director Mark Reddy committed to raising support for me and others to come aboard but the funding has been slow due to other pressing needs locally and abroad for Mark. Given the nature of the need, the want to partner with many churches, and the astronomical need for the church, I believe the time is now. Unprompted, I am throwing my lot in to help raise funds out of a burden. Therefore I am asking for 30k by years end, 9k to cover the final half of August and September, immediately, to start this work. This work includes partnering with churches to educate and awake the familial church to the deficiencies that are perpetuating the gap, but the hope of repair and unity. This is seen in the current book list, vision, and reading outcomes called #WOKE University which has over 2000 downloads prepared by Red Rev Ministries. This work is seen in the 500 hundred kingdom activists of God who joined a phone call with leaders to lament, pray and stand in solidarity. This work includes a discipleship and preaching work nationally. This work means being an immediate ambassador for the kingdom when crisis strikes while furthering the vision and platform of The Justice Conference with Red Rev Ministries. This work includes creating a Josiah Group coalition of leaders across churches, businesses, brands, gender, and denominations that are committed to the theological, cultural, creative, financial and restorative reforms needed to break supernatural strongholds in policy and neighborhoods. We need you, I need you.

I pray you will partner in this work (Q talk).

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Sincerely, Adam Thomason (Ed.D candidate)

All monies are tax deductible, used to support the global ministry and vision of trans-cultural living.

Designed by the I AM REDREV team. Background images by Kari Crowe